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Surat is a bustling city in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is a centre for diamond cutting and polishing. The city is located 284 kilometres (176 mi) south of the state capital; Gandhinagar; 265 kilometres (165 mi) south of Ahmedabad; and 289 kilometres (180 mi) north of Mumbai.Surat is the 4th-fastest growing city in India. It was awarded "best city" by the Annual Survey of India's City-Systems (ASICS) in 2013. The city has 2.97 million internet users, about 65% of total population.Surat is the 3rd "cleanest city of India" according to the Indian Ministry of Urban Development.Surat is known as the textile hub of the nation or the Silk City of India and the biggest centre of MMF (man-made fibre) in India. It is the largest manufacturer of clothes in India.

In May, 2015 Tech giant IBM chose Surat among 16 global locations for its smart cities programme to help them address challenges like waste management, disaster management and citizen services.The government of Gujarat plans another project near Surat similar to Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT).

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