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Small Business Loans To Grow Your Business

Working Capital Loan, Equipment Financing, Growth Capital

Are you eligible for a small business loan? Find Out Now

Small Business Loans

Working Capital Loan

Working Capital Loan

Quick Loans to ensure that you meet Cashflow and business continuity needs

Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing

Finance your equipment needs to grow your business

Growth Capital

Growth Capital

Timely infusion of the capital to help grow your business

We Offer Small Business Loans To

Growth Capital

Grocery Stores

Anticipate demand and have a well-stocked inventory

Growth Capital

Ad/Brand Agencies

Quick Loans to ensure that you meet Cashflow and business continuity needs

Working Capital Loan

Engineering Businesses

Financial assistance to handle working capital and growth needs

5 Powerful Reasons To Obtain Small Business Loans From Gromor!

Simplied Online Loan Application

Simplified Online Application

Simple, fast, easy and no-hassle
application with access from anywhere.

Affordable Loan Interest Rates

Affordable Interest Rates

Loans designed keeping you in
mind, enabling quick repayment.

Transperant & Fair Assessment For Loan

Transparent & Fair Assessment

Automated evaluation of applications
backed by technology for a fair assessment.

Safe, Secure & Confidential Laons

Safe, Secure and Confidential

Adherence to strict compliance and security measures keeping your sensitive information confidential.

Dedicated Funds

Dedicated Funds

Focused to empower small businesses, self-employed and other businesses.

About Us

Gromor Finance has been conceived as a financial solution provider to the hitherto unassisted enterprising entrepreneurs of India who are ubiquitous, running mom and pop stores, trading goods and wares, operating franchises, as vendors and suppliers, manufacturing knick-knacks, making handicrafts and textiles. They may not be introduced to the formal credit banking system, or may be stuck with onerous borrowing rates, or they may not have adequate assets at disposal to provide as collateral. Gromor aims at providing them the impetus as they keep the wheels of the economy running.

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