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Equipment Financing Loans

What sort of loan is this, you ask? Well, as the name suggests quite clearly, an Equipment Financing Loan is a loan taken to help a small business purchase new business equipment right away by using that very equipment as collateral! Pretty nifty, eh? That’s why, it’s a popular form of financial infusion that entrepreneurs likes to resort to.

Since productive and top class equipment is an inalienable part of a small business that is dependent on equipment for its running, Gromor would like to play a part in making this something small business don’t have to spend sleepless night worrying about.

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We Offer Small Business Loans To

Loans for Grocery Stores

Grocery Stores

Anticipate demand and have a well-stocked inventory

Loans for ad agencies

Ad/Brand Agencies

Quick Loans to ensure that you meet Cashflow and business continuity needs

Loans for Engineering and Construction

Engineering Businesses

Financial assistance to handle working capital and growth needs

Why Choose Gromor for an Equipment Financing Loan

For a business that needs equipment, not having it is akin to us human beings not having oxygen to breathe. The consequences of this can be debilitating. It is our promise that we are here to help you with equipment finance in the least cumbersome way possible.

Gromor enables small businesses and entrepreneurs to prosper more by providing them quick, unsecured business loans at attractive interest rates on fair and reasonable terms arrived at with the help of scientific evaluation algorithms and technology that quickly evaluate and disburse loans to interested businesses and entrepreneurs.

We are available during business hours across many channels. You can connect with us via email/whatsapp/phone/web chat on our website.

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