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Pithampur is a town in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh, India.

Pithampur is a large industrial area under the Dhar District. The town is located 908 ft above the sea level. It is situated amid beautiful lakes, trees, and hills.

Well served by NH-3 (Agra-Mumbai), other State Highways, Rail linkages and with Domestic Airport at Indore, this region has excellent connectivity to rest of India. This region would be located close to Indore, the commercial capital of the State. The proposed infrastructure improvements will create a vibrant regional economic centre in an underutilized area planned for industrial and commercial development. This will support job creation, preserve the surroundings environmental and enhance the regional economy.

When it comes to industrial activity, Pithampur has units in sectors that include, agro-based, garments, retail, chemical, leather, rubber, metal, and engineering. In addition, there are ancillary units.

If you are a small business entrepreneur with an eye for promising opportunities, you should have an eye on Pithampur and surrounding areas, where there is scope for much growth. And to help you make the most of it, there is Gromor.

Gromor works with various small businesses and entrepreneurs in Pithampur by providing them quick, unsecured business loans at attractive interest rates on fair and reasonable terms. We use our evaluation algorithms and technology to quickly decide and disburse loans to our clients.

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Gromor is a fin-tech and non-banking finance company that works closely with small businesses and entrepreneurs in and around Pithampur to help them establish businesses and grow their existing ones.

Gromor does all this by providing quick and efficient unsecured business loans at attractive interest rates on fair and reasonable terms. To do this well, Gromor uses advanced evaluation algorithms and technology that enables swift and sound decision-making and the disbursement of loans to existing and prospective clients.

If you are a small business entrepreneur with ideas for new businesses or are looking to grow your existing operations in more ways than one, you are cordially invited to talk to us at Gromor.

We are here to help you identify and make the most of the business opportunities in Pithampur. Welcome.

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