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Which is the fourth largest city in Maharashtra? In terms of population, it’s Nashik, after Mumbai, Pune, and Nagpur. The economy in Nashik is driven strongly by Manufacturing and Agricultrue. Apart from the fore mentioned sectors, and due to the high rate of literacy, Nashik also attracts investments from Information Technology companies.

In fact, after Pune, Nashik is emerging as a promising hub for tech startups and innovation drivers in India. Nashik also has a fairly active textile industry. The rate of urban development in Nashik is among the highest in Maharashtra and the conditions are fertile for the continued growth of small businesses and entrepreneurial dynamism.

Nashik has been described as "The Wine Capital of India" by Alok Chandra of Business Standard due to the numerous wineries in the district.There are 22 wineries in Nashik, out of 46 wineries throughout India total.

Air Deccan have started their services to Mumbai and Pune from Nashik and later services will start to other cities also in India from Nashik and the airport can be a international airport as there is air traffic at Mumbai Airport everyday so the nearest airport to Mumbai Airport is Nashik Airport rather than the Ahmedabad Airport which is far from Mumbai so International as well as domestic flights can land at Nashik Airport.

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Nashik has a range of economic activities. It has a vibrant business environment. The conditions for short and long term growth look promising. Small businesses that wish to tap into this growth story may wish to get in touch with Gromor for more.

Gromor enables small businesses and entrepreneurs in Nashik and nearby areas to grow more by providing them hassle-free unsecured business loans at attractive interest rates on fair and reasonable terms. We do this with the help of scientific evaluation algorithms and technology that quickly evaluate and disburse loans to interested businesses and entrepreneurs.

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