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Do you know which is the winter capital of Maharashtra? It’s Nagpur. Nagpur is also a sprawling metropolis, and the third-largest city in Maharashtra. Further, Nagpur has been designated as one of the proposed smart cities in Maharashtra.

Nagpur is the main centre of commerce in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. In 2014, Nagpur was ranked the 14th most competitive city in the country by the Institute for Competitiveness.

TCS, Infosys, Reliance Group, Gammon India, Hyundai Unitech, ACC Nihon Castings Ltd, CEAT Tyres are some of the big names with investments or plans to invest in Nagpur. And there are the natural resources, owing to which, mining is a major activity.

A city with such a vibrant present and an extremely promising future is bound to be very conducive for small businesses and entrepreneurs with fresh ideas and a mutually beneficial association with Gromor.

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Who is Gromor? Gromor are the right people to get in touch with when small businesses and dynamic entrepreneurs are seeking funds to help them grow in Nagpur.

Our role is to make it possible for small businesses and entrepreneurs in Nagpur and neighbouring areas to exploit the potential for business growth in these areas. We do this by providing fair and hassle-free unsecured business loans at attractive interest rates and terms. For this we use scientific evaluation algorithms and technology that quickly evaluate and disburse loans to interested businesses and entrepreneurs.

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