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You may not aware of the fact that Khopoli is a promising hub of small business activity. If you are looking to grow more in Khopoli, here is where you will discover how to…and more.

Khopoli is one of the fastest growing small industrial cities in this part of Maharashtra. It is located n Khalapur taluka of Raigad district. It has picturesque surroundings, with it being at the base of the Sahyadris and by the Patalganga River.

When it comes to industrial activity in Khopoli, some of the growth areas are chemicals, dairy products, small and medium-sized retail services, steel, breweries, plastics, hydro-electric power, manufacturing equipment, and alloys and castings.

The fore mentioned industries are serviced, supported, and surrounded by numerous small businesses. In addition, there is scope for many more to emerge. And to tap this potential there is Gromor.

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Grow more in Khopoli with Gromor

Gromor is a fin-tech and non-banking finance company that works closely with small businesses and entrepreneurs in and around Khopoli to help them establish businesses and grow their existing ones.

Gromor does all this by providing quick and efficient unsecured business loans at attractive interest rates on fair and reasonable terms.

To do this well, Gromor uses advanced evaluation algorithms and technology that enables swift and sound decision-making and the disbursement of loans to existing and prospective clients.

If you are a small business entrepreneur with ideas for new businesses or are looking to grow your existing operations in more ways than one, you are cordially invited to talk to us at Gromor.

We are here to help you identify and make the most of the business opportunities in and around Khopoli. Welcome.

We are available during business hours across many channels. You can connect with us via email/whatsapp/phone/web chat on our website.

You can share documents via an email at / whatsapp it to us at +91 88284 82009 or give us a call at +91 88284 82009 to coordinate the same.

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