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Thane district in Maharashtra has another important city. It’s Kalyan. Kalyan Junction is one of the busiest in India and is the exit railway station from the western part of Indi ato North India and South India. Kalyan is the 7th biggest city in Maharashtra and 28th in the country.

The city neighbours Mumbai city and is a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, one of the most vibrant and dynamic urban centres not just in India, but in the world.

Small businesses in Kalyan have grown consistently over the past two decades. A city with such a vibrant present, climbing rate of economic growth, and an extremely promising future will remain an attractive destination for small businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs. This is where Gromor can help.

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Gromor enables small businesses and dynamic entrepreneurs are considering taking a loan to power and grow their business presence in and around Kalyan.

Our role is to help you, as a small business and entrepreneur, procure secured and unsecured small business loans that are fair and hassle-free at attractive interest rates and terms. For this we use scientific evaluation algorithms and technology that quickly evaluate and disburse loans to interested businesses and entrepreneurs.

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