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Sangli city is the district headquarters of Sangli District. It is located in the state of Maharashtra. Sangli is known as the Turmeric City of Maharashtra. This is due to the widespread trade and production of the spice that is one of the specialties of Sangli.

Apart from the trade in turmeric, Sangli also has many sugar factories and is located in the sugar belt of Maharashtra. It is one of the highest sugar-producing parts of Maharashtra.

In Maharashtra Sangli is a major centre of education for graduate and post graduate students in multiple streams. This fuels a lot of business activity that is ancillary to the education sector.

Furthermore, Sangli is emerging as one of the largest power generation hubs in India and some of the largest power companies in the country – national and international – have an established presence or are setting up centres of power generation and distribution in Sangli.

Oil seeds, commodities, and fruit are other prominent trades in Sangli. In fact, Sangli is also one of the largest grape growing regions in Maharashtra. Pomegranates, too, are cultivated in the north east region of the district.

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